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AlphaTekk Software

AlphaTekk Software

Software Development for the TI-89/92+

Program Overviews

Checkers 68k

  • Fully featured Checkers program for the TI-89 and TI-92+
  • Link play support between calcs (use TI-89 or TI-92+, or one of each!)
  • 1 Player Computer AI support.
  • 2 Player on-calc support when link play isn't an option.
  • Grayscale graphics.

Game Genie Decoder Program

  • Decodes All types of game genie codes into CPU and ROM addresses and values.
  • Works with Lo-Rom and Hi-Rom SNES codes.
  • Easy to use User Interface via Dialog Boxes

JSpriteMaker 68k

  • Edit Sprites pixel-by-pixel
  • Easy export to Code format for use in TIGCC
  • Works on any Java 1.3 platform (Windows, Linux, Solaris, and more)
  • Open-Source Free Software

MathSoft-89 Math Toolkit - Discontinued

  • Mathematics toolkit: Calculus, Geometry and Algebra Support.
  • First and second order implicit differentiation solvers.
  • Any base logarithm solver.
  • Geometric Figure Solvers.

Nibbles 68k

  • The classic Nibbles snake game rewritten for the TI-89!
  • Works for the TI-92 Plus, too!
  • Works with all AMS versions!
  • 10 Different Levels!
  • 9 Speed Settings and 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Score keeping and high score board.

Simon 68k

  • The immortal Simon game. Follow the computer generated patterns.
  • 5 Level Hiscore System.
  • Works on all AMS versions, the TI-89 and TI-92+!
  • Full source code is available.

Slider Puzzle

  • Classic Sliding Puzzle piece game. Arrange the numbered pieces from 1-15.
  • Randomly generated. New puzzle every time. (*May not always be solvable)
  • Works on all AMS versions and the TI-92+!
  • Written in FAST TIGCC Code!


  • Classic Tic-Tac-Toe Game
  • 2-player via the link or on the same calc.
  • One player vs. computer AI.
  • Works on all AMS versions and the TI-92+!
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