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Many people have helped Techonoplaza become the resourceful website it is today. We here at Techno-Plaza would like to thank these people for their contributions not only to this website, but to the entire calculator community in general.

Adam Berlinsky-Schine
    Pointed out some broken items on the site and helped with the CGI page transition.

Aaron Chernosky
    Created Some Older Site Designs

Cedric Couffignal
    Co-creator of DoorsOS!

David Ellsworth
    Creator of Fargo, which lead to other shells like DoorsOS!

Zeljko Juric
    The TIGCC Library which lead to great TIGCC programming!

Jimmy Mårdell
    The 68000 Assembly Guide and his great programs!

Sebastian Reichelt
    Creator of the TIGCC IDE for easy program development in TIGCC!

Xavier Vassor
    Co-creator of DoorsOS and TI-GCC!

Rusty Wagner
    Creator of PlusShell and Virtual-TI Emulator!

Texas Instruments Incorporated
    Permission to use its logos and trademarks.

Copyright © 1998-2007 Techno-Plaza
All Rights Reserved Unless Otherwise Noted

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