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Calculator Information

The HP 49g Graphing Calculator

The HP 49g Graphing Calculator

Click on the graphic to go to Hewlett-Packard's HP 49G+ Page.


Major Features

  • Symbolic Manipulation

    Allow expressions and equations to be solved or manipulated even when they include variables. Useful for general solutions and equations.

  • Extensive Memory

    Over 1.5 MB memory (512 KB RAM and 1 MB FlashROM for the user) to store an extensive program collection.

  • Step-by-Step Solving

    With the built-in step-by-step mode, you can see the steps used in solving complex derivatives, integrals, and linear algebra equations.

  • Multiple Input Methods

    Choose from standard algebraic mode, textbook mode (i.e. written just like in the text book), or efficient RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) for maximum flexibility.

  • High Resolution Screen

    131 x 64 pixels for excellent resolution so you can see everything in detail.

  • X Root Key

    Lack of an xroot key leads to such confusion among new users of Texas Instruments' calculators. HP has solved this problem.

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