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Calculator Information

The TI-92 Plus Graphing Calculator

The TI-92 Plus Graphing Calculator

Click on the graphic to go to Texas Instrument's TI-92 Plus Page.


Major Features

  • Symbolic Manipulation

    The ability to solve expressions and equations involving variables instead of being restricted to numbers like most calculators. You can even solve systems of equations or differential equations symbolically.

  • Link Port

    Included calc-to-calc cable allows for linking between two TI-92's, or between the TI-92 and a TI-89 or a TI-92 Plus. In addition, it can be equipped with a GraphLink or similar cable for access to computers.

  • High Resolution Display

    The large 240 x 128 pixel screen is the largest screen of ANY graphing calculator for extra clarity. In addition, new screen technology make the screen easier to read in any light.

  • Extensive Memory

    Over 500 KB of memory, 188 KB of RAM and 384-720 KB * of archive and Flash application space.

  • FlashROM Upgradable

    Upgrade calculator software versions without replacing your calculator!

  • Pretty Print

    Expressions and equations are displayed on the TI-92 just as they are written in a mathematics text or on a black board.

  • Geometric Constructions

    Creation and manipulation of complex geometric figures.

  • QWERTY Keyboard

    Familiar keyboard for ease of typing in programs, expressions, and equations.

  • History Screen

    Previous answers and queries, up to 99 within available memory, can be displayed and retrieved to the answer line for easy administration.

  • Units of Measure and Constants

    Extensive collection of units to use in calculations and conversions and over 30 built-in constants from Physics and other sciences.


Note: The TI-92+ with newer AMS versions (2.03 and later) have 702 KB of user storage space. With the old hardware version 1, you can only use this space for FlashROM applications, but with the newer hardware version 2, you can use this space for FlashROM applications, or general storage space, as you see fit. If you bought your TI-92+ more than a year after its initial release and you did not get an upgrade chip for your TI-92, you most likely have hardware version 2.

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