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Calculator Information

The TI-89 Graphing Calculator

The TI-89 Graphing Calculator

Click on the graphic to go to Texas Instrument's TI-89 Page.


Major Features

  • Symbolic Manipulation

    The ability to solve things algebraically, as opposed to simple numeric solutions.

  • Pretty Print

    Expressions are displayed in conventional classroom chalkboard format.

  • Extensive Memory

    188K Available User RAM

    384-702* K User Data Archive FlashROM

  • FlashROM

    The ability to upgrade the calculator's system.

    Indefinite obsolescence protection.

  • Programs

    The ability to extend the calculator's abilities with specialized programs and functions.

    Built-in assembly language support for more complex programming options.

  • High Screen Resolution

    Highest resolution of ANY vertical platform calculator, at 160x100 pixels.

  • Standard Units and Unit Conversions

    System International (SI or Metric) and English (United States) Unit Support

    Custom Unit Support

    Automatic Unit Conversions for supported units.


Note: The TI-89 with newer AMS versions (2.03 and later) have 702 KB of user storage space. With the old hardware version 1, you can only use this space for FlashROM applications, but with the newer hardware version 2, you can use this space for FlashROM applications, or general storage space, as you see fit. If you bought your TI-89 more than a year after its initial release, you most likely have hardware version 2.

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