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AlphaTekk Software

Checkers 68k

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View the Program Instructions.

  • General Program Information

    • Checkers is a very old puzzle game. The game is played on an 8x8 checkered board. It is based on the game Draughts from England. I do not think the American rules differ from the English rules, but it is not the same as Italian Draughts. Basically, there are two sides, a "red" side and a "black" side. (The colors vary, but these are the most common, yet not the official colors). In this version, the "red" side is white, and the "black" side is black. Each side has 12 checkers, which are round discs used for pieces. The object of the game is to remove all the opponents checkers by jumping them with your own. More complete rules are available in the instructions.
  • Program Features

    • Works on all AMS Versions.
    • Works on the TI-89 and TI-92+.
    • Grayscale graphics for more realism!
    • Link Play with two calculators (TI-89 or TI-92+, or one of each!)
    • AI support for 1-player games!
    • On-Calc Support for 2 player games without a link.
  • Screenshots

TI-89 AMS 2.05 checkers.89z TI-92+ AMS 2.05 checkers.9xz

  • Revision History

    • Version 1.0 - [June 26, 2001]
      • Changed background graphics so the game is easier to see.
      • Fixed bug where game thought you could move when you couldn't.
      • Fixed bug where AI didn't check for winner.
      • Added complete source code comments.
      • Replaced multiplications with bit shifting for better efficiency.
      • Improved speed by rewriting inefficient test functions.
      • Removed old selection nuances (like deselection, which was made unnecessary by reselection feature).
      • Fixed protected memory violation bug in move checking routine.
      • Added jump flashing so you can tell where the AI jumps.
      • Fixed bug where AI didn't consider king promotion weight.
      • Fixed bug in AI where jumpbacks weren't considered properly.
      • Updated and corrected beta documentation.
      • Initial Public Release.
    • Public Beta 3.1 - [June 23, 2001]
      • Added support for multiple jumps by the AI.
    • Public Beta 3 - [June 23, 2001]
      • Added support for reselecting pieces without deselecting the original piece.
      • Fixed save state support and disabled it during link play.
      • Added single selection multi-jump support (you no longer have to reselect your piece when it performs a multi-jump, just keep moving to the next jump position)
      • Fixed bug where game would only think there was a winner if no pieces are left. Now, if one side can't move, the other side wins.
      • Added AI for vs. Computer play.
      • Fixed Jump bug where it would not allow you to jump more than one way if more than one jump was possible.
    • Public Beta 2 - [June 16, 2001]
      • Added support for link play between 2 TI-89's or 2 TI-92+'s.
      • Added support for link play between a TI-89 and TI-92+.
    • Public Beta 1 - [June 15, 2001]
      • Initial beta release.
      • Support for on-calc two player.
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