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AlphaTekk Software

JSpriteMaker 68k

Click to Download Latest Release.
Click to Download the Source Code.

Program Overview
JSpriteMaker is a Java-based GUI program for creating sprites for use in TI-89 and TI-92+ asm and C programs. It runs on any system with a Sun JRE 1.3 compatible JVM. Windows, Linux, and Solaris have Sun JRE's, so they will definitely work. I have been told that it works on Mac OS X, and I have a screenshot to prove it. MacOS and SGI IRIX should work, but I haven't been able to test either of them. Any other OS with a Java 1.3 runtime environment with JFC Swing support should work.

Program Features

  • Easy pixel-by-pixel sprite editing.
  • Available on any Java 1.3 Platform (including Windows, Linux, and Solaris among others)
  • Easy save to code format for use in TIGCC.
  • No more juggling imaging programs to get everything you need for a sprite.
  • Creates transparent sprite masks so you can easily make moving sprites.

Screenshots (Click to view Full Size in a new browser window)

Windows: JSpriteMaker 68k v0.5.1b19 in Windows XP v0.5.1b19
Linux with Gnome: JSpriteMaker 68k v0.5.1b19 in Linux running Gnome v0.5.1b19
Linux with KDE: JSpriteMaker 68k v0.5.1b19 in Linux running KDE v0.5.1b19
Solaris with CDE: JSpriteMaker 68k v0.5.0b313 in Solaris running CDE v0.5.1b19
Mac OS-X: JSpriteMaker 68k v0.5.0b313 in Mac OS X v0.5.0b313


Both the binary and source packages contain extensive text documentation. I have yet to convert it to HTML, because it took a rather long time to create the text version. You can view the text documentation by clicking here.


Download Latest Version.
Download Latest Version Source.

Revision History

  • Version 0.5.1 build 19 (BETA)
    • Fixed bug in some operating systems (Linux, maybe others) where Sprite Dialog would not let you change the sprite dimensions.
    • Changed the dialog so you can resize it if something isn't displaying correctly.
    • Changed toolkit icons to PNG files so there are no LZW compression issues or patent infringement issues.
    • Added section in the troubleshooting on how to fix the bug where it doesn't let you change the sprite size on the dialog.
  • Version 0.5.1 build 16 (BETA)
    • Changed arbitrary zoom to display the current zoom so you know what you're adjusting from.
    • Fixed bug in arbitrary zoom where cancel would bring up the non-integer input dialog.
    • Fixed bug in arbitrary zoom where bad input would cause dialog to go away, but it should let you try again.
    • Updated code to follow Code File Layout pattern.
    • Added mask sprite support with real transparent color support. Thanks to Scott Noveck for his help.
  • Version 0.5.0 build 314 (BETA)
    • Fixed bug in Linux where there was not enough space to display the sprite dialogs.
  • Version 0.5.0 build 313 (BETA)
    • Redesigned readme file.
    • Reworked MVC design pattern.
    • Redesigned main frame window for more intuitive interface.
    • Redesigned main menu; added edit and file commands.
    • Programs asks to close now, even if you exit via window close.
    • Redesigned new sprite dialog. allows for naming of sprite variables upon inital creation.
    • Added support for multiple sprites.
    • Changed assumed resolution to 800x600 or higher.
    • Added zoom control.
    • Changed zoom min-max to 1-50 instead of 1-100.
    • Restructured code for efficiency.
    • Added scrollable view for sprites that go off the screen.
    • Changed view so the controls are positioned better.
    • Changed CodeView so it only updates after you're done drawing (makes the program run much faster).
    • Fixed undo/redo support.
    • Added menu item to change all sprite properties (i.e. rename or resize the sprite after it's created).
  • Version 0.4.0 build 109 (BETA)
    • Added sprite variable names (custom var names).
    • Added color chooser on the panel (easy access).
    • Fixed bug where window didn't resize when you create a new sprite.
    • Fixed graphic glitches when grid wasn't drawn.
    • Added code view window for viewing directly in TIGCC format.
    • Fixed JRE 1.3 compatibility.
    • Added undo/redo support (somewhat buggy).
    • Added nice view support for sprite definitions.
  • Version 0.2.0 build 152 (BETA)
    • initial release

Copyright Information

JSpriteMaker 68k
Copyright (C) 2002 John David Ratliff
Licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Beta Test Information

JSpriteMaker is currently in beta mode. This means the program may not work as it is intended. If you wish to beta test, testing is public. Just be sure to read the enclosed readme on how to submit bug reports.
Copyright © 1998-2007 Techno-Plaza
All Rights Reserved Unless Otherwise Noted

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