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AlphaTekk Software


A comprehensive mathematics toolkit for the TI-89.

Note: MathSoft has been discontinued due to the availability of better software. There are no plans for further updates at this time.

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  • Feature List

    Support for Normal and Implicit Differentiation.
    Support for any-base logarithms.
    Support for the Quadratic Formula.
    Support for Polar/Rectangular Coordinate Conversions.
    Support for Geometric Figures - Triangles and Rectangles.
    General Triangle Functions - Area, Height, Perimeter, and Side Length Solvers.
    Equilateral Triangle Functions - Area, Perimeter and Height Solvers.
    General Rectangle Functions - Area, Perimeter, Side and Diagonal Length Solvers.
    Square Functions - Area, Perimeter, Side and Diagonal Length Solvers.

  • Revision History

    Version 1.1.9a

    • Fixed coordinate conversions. It didn't use the correct function to convert between polar and rectangular coordinates.

    Version 1.1.9

    • Restructured Geometry Menus.
    • Added Perimeter Solver to Triangle functions.
    • Optimized code A LOT.
    • Added Diagonal and Side Length solvers to Square and Rectangle functions.
    • Added global configuration menu to main section.

    Version 1.1.8a

    • Fixed bug where it would solve second implicit derivatives incorrectly if there was any subtraction in the equation.
    • Fixed Triangle-Area bug where it used the wrong formula and thus always gave the wrong answer.

    Version 1.1.8

    • Added Quadratic Formula Solver.
    • Restructure Menu again. F1 Solvers has the Differentiation, Quadratic Formula, Logarithm Support, and Coordinate Conversions
    • Added Rectangular/Polar Coordinate Conversions

    Version 1.1.7

    • Added base n logarithm support
    • Restructured Main Menu
      • Derivatives is now under Calculus Menu
      • Base n logarithms are under the Algebra Menu
      • Geometry is now the F3 menu
      • Exit Program is now F4
    • Added support for nth order derivatives under Normal Differentiation
    • Added fractional program support
      • This is the newest and probably one of the nicest features of MathSoft-89. It is the ability to take out things that you don't need or want and still be able to use other parts of the program.
      • The total program in with all features is about 20.16 kilobytes of memory, a small amount compared to the total on the TI-89. However, I predict that this 500k of memory will not prove to be an indefinite supply forever. To help with this problem, I have structured the program to where you can remove the pieces you don't want or need in the program and the program will simply display an error message if you try to use these features and explain what you can do if you want to put them back on the calculator.
      • You MUST install at least the MathSoft() and the common() programs. They are required for ALL other aspects of the program. If all you have are these two programs, MathSoft-89 will be very useless, but you can do it that way.
      • Differentiation Support - For Normal and 1st-Order Implicit Differentiation support, you must install the deriv() program. For 2nd-Order implicit differentiation support, you must also install the makemono() and impder() programs.
      • Base n Logarithm Support - For Base n logarithms, you must have the logbasen() program.
      • Geometric Figures - To use any geometry figure functions, you must have the geometry() program and the remunits() function installed on the calculator. For specific figures, see below.
      • General Triangles - To use the General Triangle functions, you must have the tangles() program installed.
      • Equilateral Triangles - To use Equilateral Triangle functions, you must have the etangles() program installed.
      • Rectangles - To use Rectangle functions, you must have the rtangles() program installed.
      • Squares - To use Square functions, you must have the squares() program installed.
      • Other Notes - All Geometry Figure Functions, in addition to their specific program must have the geometry requirements installed. All functions must have the general requirements installed. 2nd-Order Implicit Derivatives must also have the basic Differentiation requirements installed.
      • What does this mean? It means that if you only want this program for the implicit differentiation features, you can delete all programs except for MathSoft(), common(), deriv(), makemono(), and impder(). You would save 11.43 kilobytes of memory by eliminating the other functions if you didn't need or want them. This is the beauty of this option. I hope this proves useful.

    Version 1.1.6

    • Added support for Second-Order Implicit Differentiation. This took a LOT of time and thought so I hope it works right. :-) There are some things it won't do, like if you would have a x^y or y^x. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm not planning on implementing it unless I find that there are some cases where it can occur.

    Version 1.1.5c

    • Fixed units bug where it would sometimes compound the units.
    • Appended tarea(), tslength() and theight() back into tangles program. This should save a little space and load a bit faster.

    Version 1.1.5b

    • Fixed Side Length Solver bug where it would sometimes solve for the wrong variable.
    • Fixed solve() function problem in Side Length Solver - removed law of cosine functions to save memory. Condensed code to save memory.
    • Made certain variables global so that you don't have to set them each time.
    • Revised program layout to make more readable.
    • Fixed bug where it wouldn't do variable cleanup if you exited the program from the first dialog box.
    • Abstracted the mode settings functions to save memory.
    • Changed programs so they don't delete their variables until you leave the section so you don't have to enter the same thing over and over.

    Version 1.1.5a

    • Changed Geometry Menu Names to Triangles and Rectangles.
    • Added Display Units and Exact/Approx Mode Settings to Rectangle/Square Functions.
    • Added Display Units and Exact/Approx Mode Settings to Triangle Functions.
    • Separated Triangle Functions into 3 Programs.
    • Changed Side Length Solver to only ask for a and theta if height is not specified.
    • Changed Rectangles Menu to put Rectangles above Squares.
    • Added units protection in case the user accidentally deleted the units file.
    • It is now deleted after every program usage.

    Version 1.1.5

    • Added support for Equilateral Triangles - Area, Perimeter, Height Solver.

    Version 1.1.4

    • Added support for general triangles - Area, Side Length Solver, & Height Functions.

    Version 1.1.3

    • Imported Error Handling, Assumption Processing & Application, and Unit Support for Rectangle Functions
    • Added Support for Rectangles - Area & Perimeter Functions
    • Added Informational Displays to Distinguish between Sections

    Version 1.1.2

    Version 1.1.1a

    • Fixed minor bug in program where it would cause an error if you weren't in the right folder.

    Version 1.1.1

    Version 1.1.0

    • Preliminary Geometry Figure Support added for Squares: Perimeter and Area Functions
    • Fixed some bugs in the software where it would go to menu options you hadn't selected.
    • Set Dialog Box Options to check if user wanted to enter/exit program.

    Version 1.0.0

    • Normal and Implicit Differentiation supported
  • Future Additions Planned

    Geometric Figure Equations for Area, Volume, Surface Area, Perimeter, etc.
    Trigonometric Identities
    Secant, Cosecant and Cotangent Functionality
    Function Handling for Intercepts, Integration, Area, Arc Length, Slope, etc.
    Much much more.

  • Assumption Verification & Application

    Something which has long annoyed me about the TI-89/TI-92 built in functions is that you must enter many extra parameters for several functions when they could be easily assumed with a question or two.

    Assumption Verification is used when the user leaves off an important piece of data such as a variable. The program assumes a default one, such as x or y, and asks the user if he/she wishes to use this variable. If so, the variable is entered, otherwise it returns to where the input is obtained so that the user can try again.

    This is the main feature of version 1.1.1 as before, the error handling messages were rather cryptic. In addition to variable assumption, the program tests for the substitution of an expression for an equation or vice versa and will solve for this if it be the users wishes. For example, the Implicit Differentiation Function requires the user to enter an equation. (one expression = another expression) I found that sometimes, all I needed was an expression, so I changed this to ask if the user wanted to set the expression equal to 0. If so, it is done, otherwise the program returns to the input screen. This also works when the user gives and equation and an expression is required. If it be the users wish, the equation can be set to 0 by taking the right side minus the left side to get an expression.

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