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AlphaTekk Software

Nibbles 68k

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  • General Program Information

    • The classic snake game of Nibbles (or worms or snakes, etc.) Basically, this is a game in which you run around the maze trying to eat fruit while not running into walls or yourself. There are multiple speed and difficulty settings, and it is a very fun game. Read the instructions for more information.
  • Program Features

    • Works on all AMS Versions.
    • Works on the TI-89 and TI-92+.
    • Quick control response due to low-level keyboard reading.
  • Screenshots

TI-89 AMS 2.05 nibbles.89z TI-92+ AMS 2.05 nibbles.9xz

  • Revision History

    • Version 4.3
      • Significant code rewrite.
      • Efficiency updates.
      • Now reads keyboard from custom interrupt.
      • Added game clock based on custom interrupt.
      • Changed cheat key.
      • No longer need to compile separate versions.
      • There are now only 5 speed settings.
    • Version 4.2
      • Replaced interrupt disabling with redirecting so clock keeps running.
      • Updated the program to compile on latest TIGCC (0.96b8).
      • Minor code cleanup.
    • Version 4.1
      • Minor bug fixes.
    • Version 4.0
      • Added game logo and graphic-based messages.
      • Tweaked keyboard routines for smoother input.
      • Changed speed delays (again).
      • Added 5-user hiscore board with external score saving so the program can be archived.
      • Revamped intro/options screen for a nicer look.
      • Changed difficulty settings.
    • Version 3.3
      • Improved program efficiency by using low-level keyboard reading. The keys should no longer be 'jerky'.
      • The delay settings are more accurate and spaced out.
    • Version 3.2
      • Revamped many code sections to improve efficiency.
      • Uses a singular array for level storage for added efficiency. Requires TIGCC 0.9 to compile to take advantage of the GNU ld linker.
    • Version 3.1
      • Fixed the phantom apple bug, where apples would not be displayed sometimes.
      • Fixed the delay handling so the speed settings are more diverse and realistic.
    • Version 3.0
      • Completely rewritten from scratch by me using TIGCC (see tigcc.html for more information)
      • Apples look more like apples. They are no longer simple blocks.
      • The graphics are done with 8-bit sprites now.
      • Works under ALL current AMS versions without recompiling except TI-92+ 1.00 which has too many bugs. NOTE: IF YOU RUN THIS PROGRAM ON TI-92+ WITH AMS 1.00, IT WILL CRASH YOUR CALCULATOR, GUARANTEED!
      • Rereleased under the GNU GPL free software license (see license.html for more information)
      • Uses ROM calls for most (99%) functionality to maintain compatibility among AMS versions.
      • The apple and life indicators are not 4 bytes long instead of 8. The capacity has been increased from 10 to 16 marks.
      • Wait key routine waiting now puts the calculator in idle mode to save battery life. You can power off the calculator by hitting the ON key when it is in a wait key loop.
      • Changed the victory bonus to 10,000 points per difficulty level.
      • Fixed the score display routine so it can display values greater than 655350 (at least 7 digits are possible, but it's hard to get such a high score)
      • Changed messages to use dialog pop-up boxes for important messages (end game dialogs, player died dialogs, etc.)
      • Cheaters now have their score reduced to 0 at end game.
      • Cheat key was changed, but it is the same key for skipping a level as it is for infinite lives. But the first time you press it, it gives you infinite lives, the second (and higher) time you press it, it skips a level.
      • High score screen now uses (somewhat more) centered text.
      • BSS sections are no longer used as they are not supported natively by the TIOS (hence, nostub programs cannot use them, only DoorsOS and kernel programs can).
    • Version 2.5
      • Fixed the program to work with AMS 2.03 using B. Lesteven's AMS 2.0x kernel.
    • Version 2.4
      • Added BSS sections to reduce program size (made the program 140 bytes smaller).
      • Added support for AMS 1.05 (DoorsOS 1.0 Beta 1 untested, but Beta 2 works)
      • Added support for TI-92 Plus (AMS 1.00/1.01 and DoorsOS Beta 1 untested)
    • Version 2.3
      • Fixed bug where the lives display would lock up the calculator if you got more than 10 lives.
    • Version 2.2
      • Fixed bug where the lives display would display more lives than you had left.
    • Version 2.1
      • Fixed score bug where score would be erased at 65000 points even if you were not cheating.
      • Fixed ESC key bug where it would ignore quit commands during the intro and configuration screens.
      • Added variables to control difficulty level options for easy customization.
    • Version 2.0
      • Completely reworked source code.
      • Works with PlusShell 1.0a and DoorsOS 1.0.
      • Revamped display methods to work with TI-89 calculator.
      • Added 3 difficulty levels for added play control.
      • Added scoring system and high score board.
      • Revamped intro screen.
      • Added infinite lives cheat code.
      • Optimized source.
      • Changed block size to 8x5 pixels for extra level complexity.
      • Rewrote levels for more accurate display on TI-89 screen.
      • Added support for TI-92 Plus arrow keys. Should work on TI-92 Plus now.
    • Version 1.1.0a
      • Recompiled for PlusShell 1.0 compatibility.
      • Added remaining lives/apples display to top of screen.
      • Thanks to Mike Ingoldby for these revisions.
    • Version 1.1.0
      • Removed library calls. The Utility Library (util.89z) is no longer required.
      • Better documentation. Added game play and installing sections.
      • Included information on creating new levels.
      • Added a "What's New" file since we now have more than 1 version.
    • Version 1.0.0
      • Premier Release of Nibbles-89!
      • Changed level data to reflect difference in screen size.
      • Changed start key to enter key.
      • Changed boss key to equal key.
      • Changed pause key to enter key.
      • Slowed game down because it ran too fast.
      • Changed flib library calls to util library calls. The util library is required.
      • Fixed Arrow Key Codes to work with the TI-89.
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