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AlphaTekk Software

The Game Genie Decoder Program

Note: Looking for a PC version? I have created a Java version of this program, available as a Java applet or application. Take a look over at emuWorks.

Get the latest version now! Download for TI-89! Download for TI-92+!

View the Program Instructions!

  • General Program Information

    • Converts NES, SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, and Game Gear codes into CPU and ROM addresses.
    • Useful for emulators, new code creation, and ROM hacking.
  • Program Features

    • Converts Lo-ROM and Hi-ROM SNES codes automatically.
    • Works for all codes for all game genie systems.
  • Program Syntax

    • ggdecode() (then press ENTER)
    • Use the dialog boxes to enter the system type (NES, SNES, Genesis, or Game Boy/Game Gear) and the code.
    • Press ENTER and watch the program put up the conversions.
  • Screenshots

    TI-89 AMS 2.05 ggdecode.89z - NES Example   TI-89 AMS 2.05 ggdecode.89z - SNES Example
    TI-89 AMS 2.05 ggdecode.89z - Genesis Example   TI-89 AMS 2.05 ggdecode.89z - Game Boy/Game Gear Example
  • Revision History

    • Version 3.2 - June 2, 2001
      • Fixed problems with TI-92+ display. Now you can see everything on both calculators. You have to recompile the source differently for both versions though. One for the TI-89 and one for the TI-92+. Read the source.txt document for details.
    • Version 3.1 - June 1, 2001
      • Added text document on binary mathematics and number systems.
      • Added text document on hex editing.
      • Updated SNES ROM conversion method. Lo-ROM/Hi-ROM is now detected by using the cpu address. Incorrect Lo-ROM and Hi-ROM addresses are no longer displayed.
    • Version 3.0 - May 30, 2001
      • Updated the SNES conversion method to that described in the Super Nintendo Game Genie Handbook v7.00.
      • Added support the Sega Genesis Game Genie Codes.
      • Split up the source code into multiple modules.
      • Added removable system support. You can customize the source to remove any system you don't need to convert. i.e. If you only use NES conversion, you can remove the SNES and Genesis stuff to save memory. Not a big savings, but if you're tight on memory, you can trim 2-3 K from the program.
      • Added support for Game Boy and Game Gear codes.
      • Added documents on game genie conversion process so you can see how the process works by hand.
    • Version 2.0 - May 26, 2001
      • Complete rewrite in C.
      • Much much much faster. There is no delay between the time you press ENTER and the time you see the result.
      • Added support for NES codes.
      • Updated the SNES conversion method to that described in the Super Nintendo Game Genie Handbook v6.61.
      • Added dialog boxes for user-interaction.
    • Version 1.1.0 - September 29, 1998
      • Fixed folder bug. The program now changes to the correct folder and back.
    • Version 1.0.0 - September 27, 1998
      • Added the convert and arr functions to perform decoding tasks.
      • Set program folder to GGENIE.
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