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AlphaTekk Software

Simon 68k

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  • General Program Information

    • Simon is an old game where a computer generates a pattern, and you have to follow the pattern. As you move along in the game, the pattern gets more complex. Just think "Milton Bradley Simon" and the little black box from 80's commercials in the US. It's basically like that, but without the black box (well, the TI is a black box I guess).
    • Start the program, or take a look at the screenshots, you'll get the idea. The computer plays a pattern, and you repeat it. The patterns are combinations of UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT. The sprites drawn on the screen indicate which direction to push. It is very simple.
  • Program Features

    • Works on all AMS versions.
    • Works on the TI-89 and TI-92+.
    • Top 5 Hi-Score Board!
  • Screenshots

TI-89 AMS 2.05 simon.89z TI-92+ AMS 2.05 simon.9xz

  • Revision History
    • Version 1.0
      • Initial Public Release.
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